Termite pest control

Termites are basically annoying pests which can do significant damage to your property if not eradicated. There are thousands of known species of termites which can infest your living space. They thrive in inconspicuous and inaccessible locations which makes it difficult to get rid of them. Usually people employ do – it – yourself anti termite treatments and eventually fail. This is when relying on us at S2S Pest Control appears to be the best solution. We use the best approaches to get rid of termites and protect valuable possessions.

What Damage Can Termites Do ?

Termites are of a variety of types. The damages they do vary from one to another. However, some of the common types of damage that you can expect to come from termite infestation include

  • ruins sub flooring and wooden possessions
  • destroys roofing of the house
  • eat the support beams of the house structure
  • They disperse mold which further leads to health problems like migraine, weakness, coughing, sore throat, burning eyes and many more.
  • Other health problems include asthma attack and allergic reactions
  • Fungal infections become common
  • Termite bites can cause swelling, itching, and burning sensation.

What are the Symptoms of Termite Damage ?

Termites can cause a number of damage and the symptoms are visible enough to look for. Some of the symptoms that you will find includes

  • plasterboard that is discolored or sagging
  • sudden itching on the body or uneasiness while sleeping at night
  • paint peeling that appears to be water damage
  • When tapped, the wood sounds hollow.
  • Small and pinpoint plasterboard holes can be seen.
  • Wooden or laminate floor boards would begin to buckling
  • Tiles becoming loose due to the additional moisture termites
  • Floorboards become creak excessively

How Much Does Our Services of Termite Pest Control Cost ?

We at S2S Pest Control offer exclusive termite control services at affordable prices. However, our rates vary from one to another depending on the area size and extent of infestation. To know about the rates, check below


Flat Type


Guarantee Period 

Termite Removal 


Rs.1499 for two services

3 months guarantee

Termite Removal 


Rs.1699 for two services

3 months guarantee

Termite Removal 

Three BHK

Rs.1799 for two services

3 months guarantee

Termite Removal 

Four BHK

Rs.1999 for two services

3 months guarantee

Termite Removal 

2000-3000 Sqft

Rs. 2199 for two services

3 months guarantee

Termite Removal 

3000-5000 Sqft

Rs. 2499 for two services

3 months guarantee

termite pest control

If your property has become infested by termites, then we at S2S Pest Control can come up with the best solutions. As the leading service providers and with a legacy of excellence – we have been maintaining adherence to industry standards. With a team of talented, verified and certified technicians, we employ quality products that are government approved and environmentally friendly. You can expect us to safely carry out the anti termite procedure without causing any kind of destruction to the decor. We promise proven results and guarantee on the services offered. Besides that, we also ensure to offer a hassle free experience and a peace of mind desired.

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