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Rats are basically warm-blooded mammals that inhabit all parts of the earth. They have large front teeth which they use to test and bite. Having a rat infestation can cause a variety of problems including as they chew on different objects. This causes them to become harmful and the areas around them. If you have been infested by rats, then wait. Instead of freaking out, you can come for Rodent Pest Control Services. S2S is the leading rodent pest control service providers with decades of expertise.

What Problems Can Rat Infestation Cause?

Rats are really destructive. As their teeth grow throughout their lives, they nibble on hard materials like electrical cables, insulation, lead and plastic pipes. This behaviour raises the possibility of fires and short circuits. Their burrowing and chewing behaviours also cause damage to our buildings. Rats have been the cause of many amazing illnesses and epidemics. They have been held accountable in the past for the spread of numerous infections. Furthermore, they spread a variety of harmful illnesses, including tapeworms, tuberculosis, leptospirosis and salmonella.

If you want to take control of the rat infestation at your workplace or residential space, then know that we at S2S Pest Control have affordable solutions available. The rates of our Rat pest control are given below.



Guarantee Period 

1BHK-Rat Pest Control  

Rs.1399 for two service

3 months guarantee

2BHK-Rat Pest Control  

Rs.1599 for two service

3 months guarantee

3BHK-Rat Pest Control  

Rs.1799 for two service

3 months guarantee

4BHK-Rat Pest Control  

Rs.1999 for two service

3 months guarantee

Rat Pest Control  2000-3000 Sqft

Rs. 2499 for two services

3 months guarantee

Rat Pest Control  2000-3000 Sqft

Rs. 2999 for two services

3 months guarantee

How Can S2S Pest Control Help with Rat Infestation?

When it comes to rat infestation, we at S2S Pest Control offer exclusive services. As we get a call from you, we come to your place to offer free inspection services. During the inspection, we identify the type of rats your place has been infested with and the root of the rodent problem. Once the estimate and appointment have been fixed, we arrive at your doorstep with all the required tools and products. We employ unique approaches and cutting-edge techniques to eliminate the infestation. Also, we also offer advice on how to avoid rat infestation post-service in the future. Throughout the service, our customers can relax patiently as we ensure a hassle-free experience.

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